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mallory, becca, shayne, johnny

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deftones, yeah yeah yeah's, weezer, courtney lover, the distillers, the smiths, the shins, the dandy warhols, pj harvey, tori amos, the violent femmes, kimya dawson, peaches, adam green, ben kweller, the pixies, fiona apples, the ramones, the sex pistols, felix da house cat, ladytron, they might be giants, tool, a perfect circle, deathcab for cutie, red light sting, blonde redhead, muse, interpol, stellastarr*, afi, rilo kiley, ryan adams, brand new, bright eyes, r.e.m., sublime, pink floyd, n.e.r.d., jimi hendrix, the beatles, led zeppelin, modest mouse, ima robot, mae, sonic youth, helium, beck, mars volta, the smashing pumpkins, morriseey, the cure, the used, new order, orgy, cake, at the drive-in, liam lynch, thursday, thrice, steriogram, stereophonics, damone, the strokes, radish, nirvana, pearl jam, ben harper, coheed and cambria, jets to brazil, the byrds, the mamas and the papas, glassjaw, outkast, pavement, air, the washington social club, jimmy eat world, nada surf, grandaddy, rooney, phantom planet, saves the day, incubus, sparta, the streets, the blood brothers, billy talent, vendetta red, unwritten law, nofx, cold, tv on the radio, team sleep, the breeders, the amps, gigi d agostino, the notwist, u.n.k.l.e., the jesus and mary chain, mercury rev, yo la tengo, lush, snow patrol, chikinki, the verve, !!!, the weakerthans, godspeed you black emperor!, dinosaur jr., miles davis, the b52's, NIN, fugazi,
beatrice, conan o'brien's cat moves, drawers of notes, eeeeeyeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaah!, hot boxing bathrooms, hot boxing closets, joknee, julia childs, leaving trails of mcdonalds, look in the bag!, making eclectic music, mallort, marijuana, martha stewart, peeing by closets, plastic walkie talkies, ruuuuuuuuuuuuum!, shancee, the idea notebook, uh huh uh